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About 7 May, 2008


Hi folks. I’m from the UK, been living in Japan (Nagoya) a while and will be writing about things that interest me from time to time. (food, beer, music, gardening, politics, computers, languages…) Somewhere between the world of geishas, samurai and ninjas, and the manga-tech bubble of Akihabara and Harajuku there’s the Japan where most of us live, Japanese and Gaijin too, and that’s the zone where this stuff comes from. I hope you might find some of it vaguely interesting.

Don’t expect too much incisive analysis or up-to-the-minute breaking news.

Don’t expect too much…

Country Place

Raffles’ Restaurant

Daihachi Ryodan


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14 Responses to “About”

  1. johnraff Says:

    Comments are welcome, even… especially… if you don’t agree with what I’ve said!

  2. johnraff Says:

    Asazuke means “lightly pickled”.

  3. Iain Says:


    Keep it up, very nicely written – particularly liked the one about the Tanuki. That’s a big rock!

    Never underestimate anything…

  4. johnraff Says:

    Thanks Iain! Life with the Animals has been an ongoing saga, and there’ll probably be more before long.

  5. Charles Berlitz Says:

    I think you looked more handsome when you had long hair.

  6. johnraff Says:

    Ah… everyone’s entitled to their opinions, Charles. Could it be we’ve met before in some previous existence?

    • Charles Berlitz Says:

      Yes, this is Mark F. I came across your blog, and would like to catch up on old times. Could you e-mail me on the supplied e-mail address?

  7. johnraff Says:

    Hi Mark, great to hear from you! Email coming up.

  8. vrkalak Says:

    Hey. Hi.
    You know me from the #!Crunchbang Forums.

    I am from Valencia, Spain originally.
    But, I travel a lot and have lived in many places. And, I’m kinda old now.
    Currently, I live and work in Santa Fe, NM, US (an Art Mecca)
    I have lived in London, Kings Cross Area.
    And in Osaka, Japan.

    I feel so connected to Japan, it’s people and it’s culture.
    I wouldn’t mind going back and retiring there, someday.

    I love the chosen layout for your WordPress blog layout … I want to build one just like it. Is it easy to customize? I already have a ‘blog’ page on WordPress, just haven’t done anything with it.

    • johnraff Says:

      Hi vrkalak,
      yes I’ve run across many of your posts on Crunchbang! (btw that’s a very nice Linux distribution, for anyone else who’s interested.)

      This WordPress theme is called “Rounded”. I haven’t modified it much – just added my choice of widgets. If you know some html you can tweak things a bit here and there; to do any serious customization I guess you’d have to pay for the ability to use your own css.

  9. Sectore11 Says:

    I envy you. It has been a life long dream to visit Japan let alone live there. And at this stage the sun is setting on that dream. I shouldn’t complain though as I have travelled more then most, less than some.

    You can bet I will be reading everything here.

    • johnraff Says:

      Well, I like living here, but like anywhere Japan has its pluses and minuses, and we’re living pretty simply these days – no foreign travel on the immediate agenda. There’s plenty here for the visitor to enjoy though – most people who come here seem to like it. After more than ten years of deflation prices have come down, but the current exchange rate puts them back up again if you’re buying yen with dollars I suppose. The main cost for the visitor is transport – a cheap business hotel in a city might be ¥3,500 or so, and a cheap meal can be got for ~¥500, say, but the “Bullet Train” from Tokyo to Nagoya is about ¥10,000.

  10. Sector11 Says:

    Every place has it’s pluses and minuses, having lived in a “few” myself I understand that. But it’s still been a dream. 😀

  11. sunfizz Says:

    Whoa, didn’t expect to see you with a might fine blog! Also, hello from Sunfizz

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