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Raffles’ Restaurant 10 August, 2010

Raffles Asian Food

Raffles entrance

our garden

We started Raffles nearly 30 years ago because we both love cooking and while travelling in Southeast Asia got to enjoy the incredible variety of flavours there. We closed in 2014 but, while it was hard work for much less reward than I thought we deserved, I sort of miss it now…

South-East Asia is a real  culinary crossroads with influences from Chinese, Indian and European food on top of things you only find in this region – lemon grass, shrimp paste… It only needed the Portuguese to bring chillies from America and you’ve got one of the most interesting cuisines in the world, I think.

Japan’s not such a great place to be in the food and drink business these days and T and I were the only Raffles’ employees for the last few years, but there are advantages about it – you’re your own boss, you get to meet all kinds of people, if work is slack you can play with the computer…

Anyway, a big thank you to all the people who came to Raffles’ during that 25 years or so. Our website is still up for those who’d like to check out what our menu was like:



2 Responses to “Raffles’ Restaurant”

  1. Sector11 Says:

    My wife just say the Garden and the picture of food… she want’s to go just to eat. Talk about an expensive meal, no not the food as such, but the return bus trip tickets. Ummmm … That would be Airbus!

  2. Sector11 Says:

    sorry “just saw” – not say 😦

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