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Yes they could 8 November, 2008

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It was hard not to get caught up in the enthusiasm over Obama’s election. That guy’s certainly an inspiring speaker, and he’ll need every ounce of it to get the American people to come along with some of the hard decisions that lie ahead.

Those eight years of Bush have cost the world dear and things are going to get pretty grim, but, finally, do we have a glimmering of hope?


2 Responses to “Yes they could”

  1. Bryon Says:

    No. Sen. Obama is a deceptive, naive, socialist, Chicago party hack who will lead the U.S. into an extended economic and cultural decline. He has no understanding of the benefits of capitalism and he ignores all the defects of socialism. He will make the U.S. into a feeble, whiny, clumsy giant, that will be suckered into any number of false agreements with dictators, while places like Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea use his inexperience to get him to support their repressive regimes and ignore their agressive actions. He will be the president that allows tens of millions of free people in places like Israel, Georgia, and Taiwan to be turned into slaves of those dictatorships. He will destroy our energy and manufacturing companies in the pursuit of the false goals of preventing global warming and increasing labor power. He will turn 20 million illegal aliens into wards of the Democratic party at the expense of the American workers. He will also try to deny Americans the benefits of the Bill of Rights and any other parts of the Constitution he doesn’t think apply to the 21st century.

    There, I hope you are a little less starry-eyed, and you start looking at who this guy really is. Not that it’s easy to find out any real information about his history and beliefs.

    Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  2. johnraff Says:

    (edit 14th March 2009) I still stand by what I said in this comment, but I certainly could have put it more diplomatically! I’m afraid American conservatism hits the anger button with me, but my counter-diatribe was not in the spirit of Obama’s attempt to unify his country around the need to tackle the many urgent tasks ahead…

    “There… ” well, I’m sorry Bryon but a diatribe full of unfounded allegations without any supporting evidence, or even links to articles backing up your views, isn’t going to convince anyone. Most of the points you raise could be picked apart one by one; for example, surely Bush is the one who’s tried to “deny Americans the benefits of the Bill of Rights” ( not to mention the rights of non-Americans. Do you care about them at all? ). I think it’s a real pity there are are still so many people in the US who seem to feel that way. Meanwhile, the world is facing a number of major crises, not least the “…false goals of preventing global warming…”, and the rest of us will just have to get on with the work.

    Surely it’s time for America to rejoin the world community:
    “Hi America! Pull up a chair! Want some coffee?”

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