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out demons out 3 February, 2009

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Anyone remember the Edgar Broughton Band? Back at university it seemed like they’d be there at any festival, event or concert with those Beefheart vocals and wild distorted guitar. I hated them at the time, them and another bad penny, the Third Ear Band who went in for interminable atonal wailings. (Subsequently changed my mind completely about them, and probably would have liked the Broughtons too if I’d heard them a couple of years later.)

Anyway every year I get reminded of Edgar Broughton’s anthem “Out Demons Out”; today is Setsubun, the coldest time of the year which, as everything contains the seed of its opposite, means the beginning of Spring. You’re supposed to throw beans around the house shouting “Demons out,  luck in”  or something. (Demons, or oni represent evil influences, generally, and have horns just like the Western variety.)  I wonder how many people actually do it now – maybe another generation and most of these customs will have died out…

You can check out Edgar Broughton’s rendering of “Out Demons Out” here – real 60s stuff! I keep meaning to have a go with Daihachi Ryodan but it will have to wait till we have a gig at the beginning of February some year. (Probably noone would enjoy it but me anyway.)


2 Responses to “out demons out”

  1. nikku nikkuru-san Says:

    john, you probably think i’m a senile haiku/linux/osx throwback, but hand on heart, The Third Ear Band’s brilliant album “Alchemy” has given me loads of pleasure over 40 years, and as I musician, I avow that their compositions on that album are neither atonal or arrhythmic.
    PS I like The (Incredible) String Band as well.
    PPS I bought “Out Demon’s, Out” as a single in 19thingy.

  2. johnraff Says:

    Yes I love the Incredible String Band too! That was another one a bit hard to get into at first, but Robin Williamson’s lyrics were full of beautiful wistful poetry…

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