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The Missile 4 April, 2009

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Of course North Korea is just over the water, and Japan has a lot of unfinished business there: the abductees issue drags on, and the DPKR still bring up WW2. Even so I’m getting a bit tired of hearing about this is-it-a-satellite-or-is-it-a-missile that’s been occupying the top news spot for the past week or so. “Don’t panic!”, “just carry on as normal” everyone shouts at us and today, when it looks as if the thing might well be launched, it comes up on NHK TV every five minutes or so. Just after 12:00 there was even a false alarm!

Of course it will just fly overhead (that’s the point when they decide if it’s a satellite or a missile), bits will fall into the sea, and nothing will drop on us, but just in case it does the Self Defence Force have got their new Star Wars toys out ready to shoot it down. That whole thing was a ripoff for the American arms industry to sell billions of dollars worth of equipment to their “allies” anyway, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Americans had been stirring things up between Japan and North Korea to improve their sales prospects…

It will probably all be over today anyway. Heads down.


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