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Farmlog 8th June 2009 10 June, 2009

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I’m going to drop a few things about the weekend at “the farm” when I get back on Tuesday or (in this case) Wednesday. As much for my own future reference as anything.

  • Scorching hot weather, but a nice cool breeze – wonderful weather but the Rainy Season officially started the next day!
  • The hot little chillis I use in Tom Yam Kung were planted. The big red “Malaysians” went in a couple of weeks ago and are looking quite healthy
    chilli seedling

    chilli seedling

    . Three metre high nets are supposed to keep the deer out.

    3m net to stop the deer

    3m net to stop the deer

    We’ll see.

  • T was busy picking tea. We’ve got a load of tea bushes that are more or less ignored, except for being pruned every now and then, but T’s just discovered it’s not that hard to make your own tea, and hers tastes quite good actually!
  • We had “hobazushi” – rice and fish wrapped in “hoba” leaves. We’ve got a tree nearby and this is the season apparently.
  • Lots of fruit on our “ume” trees. They’re related to the plum, but too sour to eat. You soak them in alcohol to make something like sloe gin, or add sugar to make ume syrup (good on a Summer afternoon) or make “umeboshi” pickles.
  • Minimum 13deg C, maximum 26
  • Full Moon

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  1. […] days I usually find fresh droppings around when we arrive on Sunday, and anything not inside the 3m net I put up to keep them out will get munched as soon as it appears. Other attackers in the past have […]

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