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Farmlog 17th August 2009 23 August, 2009

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A three-day weekend this time; our summer holiday for which we finally got some real summer weather.

  • Sun! More important, our encounters with blood-sucking creatures limited to insects like mosquitos and buyo: no more leeches! Quite a relief I must say – let’s hope the end of the long drawn out rainy season has seen them off.
  • Most of our stay was taken up with using the sun to dry out some of our mouldy tatami matting, and spraying it with mould-killer. Hardly anybody does it these days, but it used to be a regular task to lift up the tatami mats and dry them in the sun once in a while. Ours are now so old there’s a danger they’ll fall apart before being returned to place, but we just managed it. I think some day we’ll replace them with plain wood flooring.
  • The chilli plants are coming on, though held back because of lack of sunshine in July. The first red chillies appeared but most are still green and not yet hot.
  • Got up at the (for me) incredibly early hour of 7am and was rewarded with one of those perfect mornings. A totally clear blue sky, lush greenery and a morning chorus of birds and insects. (Later it got sweltering hot, though.)
  • minimum temp 19.5°C, maximum 31.5°C

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