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Farmlog 7th November 2010 22 November, 2010

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Arrived just after two on a clear but chilly afternoon. It had been quite hot just an hour ago on the way up, but once the sun goes behind the trees opposite the house it cools right down. A quiet time sitting with a cup of tea listening to the sounds – a couple of determined crickets, a distant bird, a solitary bee – or hornet – somewhere, but mostly the stream at the bottom of the garden. At this distance it has a somewhat dry sound, but closer up it’s beautiful, mellifluous and musical, something like a bamboo gamelan.

We could well have some frost next week, so this might be the last chance to pick some chillies. There are still a lot left, especially the little hot “ishigakis”. They’re really nice, with a good heat and wonderful fresh aroma, but it would be hard to turn growing them into a commercial proposition. To pick a kilo takes the best part of an hour.

Minimum temp. 0.5°C, max. 18°C


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