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Story 18 March, 2011

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You always get Heartwarming Stories after something like this, but anyway this is what I heard on the radio today. A boy of 8 or 9 or so was queueing up in a supermarket in Tokyo, maybe, carrying bags of potato crisps, sweets and snacks. He finally got to the cash register, muttered “やっぱり、やめる” (“I’ve changed my mind”) and took everything back to the shelves. Then he took the ¥1000 note he had out of his pocket and put it in the collection box. The adults around looked sort of embarrassed.


One Response to “Story”

  1. Sector11 Says:

    Proof that there is hope for us yet! Feels as good to read that as it does to hear of some of the miracles we’ve seen on TV here. Day 3 a 70+ year old woman rescued from a destroyed building, and a few hours later a 20 year old man as well. He couldn’t get out as he had a broken leg. Or the man that was rescued from the roof of his house out in the ocean, washed out from the receding waters.

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