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A Panda is Born 10 July, 2012

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“We interrupt this programme”, they said the other afternoon, as I was listening to the radio in Raffles’ kitchen, “to bring you a news bulletin.” The Important News was that a baby panda had been born in Ueno Zoo. The next day the street in front of the zoo was full of TV cameras, and since then there have been queues of people lining up in case they might get a glimpse of the 100 gramme scrap of panda-flesh being nursed by its mother. The talk is of a boost to the economy of over 100 million dollars as sales of Panda Goods take off. Panda cakes, panda bread, panda knickknacks…

OK it’s somewhat unusual for pandas to be born in captivity so no doubt the people at Ueno were feeling pleased with themselves but it does all seem a bit over the top. The pandas all belong to China anyway. I doubt they’d make this much fuss if a new member of the Imperial Household was born. A plot to take people’s minds off the less interesting things that are being foisted on them by the establishment? …sigh…


One Response to “A Panda is Born”

  1. johnraff Says:

    The poor thing was found dead yesterday morning. They said it was pneumonia but I’d say he died of media exposure.

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