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Farmlog December 2013 29 November, 2017

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We didn’t come last week because of a Daihachi Ryodan concert at Sorairo Magatama.

Winter is here, it’s been a cold two weeks with frost in Nagoya, but Sunday is surprisingly mild and clear. Autumn has been short again this year, but there are some bright yellow gingko trees near town.

Brought stuff for “miso nabe”: Chinese cabbage, leeks, belly pork; and buy more in supermarket #2: tofu, oysters and miso. There’s “slime flavour” chewing gum at the checkout counter (really!) but I don’t buy any.

The house is cold and it’s getting dark – at 2:50 the sun is already behind the hill.

Monday’s nice enough except for a bit of a chilly breeze. I let the water out if the system before we leave – first time this winter.

Min. temp. -1°C, max. 12°C


Stay in Nagoya for a private party at Raffles’.



Winter hits. This last week has been cold and although Sunday is deceptively sunny the wind is icy. (They’re getting major snowfalls further north.) There’s nothing exciting in the supermarkets or ¥100 stand except for “mikan” which are in season and cheap. They’re good too – seedless, easily peeled and a nice size.

A solitary bird peeps somewhere near the house, there are traces of snow around, and the oil stove has a hard time warming the place up. The kotatsu and a warm bath help though. (There’s absolutely no need to put beer in the fridge.)

Installing software on a computer with no internet is long and complicated. I want to use this old machine as a music player. A big grey heron lands on our roof for a few seconds, but I don’t have time to take a photo.

Monday brings more of the same. The little snow we had in the evening has mostly melted so the road is clear. But it’s cold.

Min. temp. -2.5°C, max. 10°C


Stay in Nagoya to prepare for Raffles’ Christmas party.



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