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Web Fishing 16 March, 2012

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Maybe where you live they’ve been doing this for years, but when I heard it on the radio a couple of days ago it seemed like a neat idea. To help get the Tohoku fishing industry going again, someone thought of taking webcams out on the boats. You can watch the fish actually being caught, put in your order via the internet right then and have them delivered the next day! Talk about instant gratification. Anyway I can imagine some of the more turned-on sushi shops really going for this.


70 milliseconds 15 December, 2010

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Last Thursday, along with the live broadcasts from yet another grand illumination somewhere with 500,000 LED lights twinkling in some shopping mall, was a news item about a temporary power drop in our area. Because of trouble with a transformer somewhere the voltage dropped by 40% for about 0.07 seconds… That’s right, it wasn’t a power cut, just a reduction, for less than one tenth of a second. As a result, factories all over the area came to a halt, some shut down for a day or more, and a Toshiba semiconductor plant’s output in January and February may be cut by 20~30% as a result. Hard to believe, but it’s true.


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